December 14, 2017


At Glasson Farm, located near the village of Glasson in Co. Westmeath in the centre of Ireland, we aim to produce food as naturally as possible. All our crops are grown using eco-till techniques, a system of tillage farming which avoids ploughing in order to build up the natural nutrients in the ground and hence minimise the requirements for artificial fertilisers. Our bee hives are the home of thousands of busy workers that help pollinate our oilseed rape and flax seed crops. We grow all our own seed, then we press and bottle it. Our product is 100% traceable from the time we sow the seed in the field until it reaches your table.

Glasson Farm Rapeseed Oil is a totally natural product. We extract the oil using a mechanical press without the use of chemicals or heat to ensure the natural goodness of the oil is preserved. As rapeseed oil has half the saturated FAT and 10 times the Omega 3 level of Olive Oil, many top cardiologists now recommend Rapeseed Oil as part of a low cholesterol diet. In addition it is suitable for high temperature cooking as it has a much higher smoke point than extra virgin olive oil.

Don’t just take our word for it as try it for yourself!